With all of the options you have to choose from for fencing in Texarkana, Texas, its usually a good idea to gather a list of the advantages and and drawbacks for each. When it comes to wood fencing, specifically, that’s what we’ve done here for you! In this post, we’ll go into the specifics and build a list of key points that can help you along the way as you figure out what you need to find the perfect fencing fit. 


In Texarkana, wood fences are the most popular, and there’s a good reason! While you may not be sure if it’s the right choice for you yet, think through your individual needs and check out these professional fencing suggestions to give you more perspective as you look for the best option for your new fence in the Texarkana, TX region.


Wood Fences and the Texarkana, Texas Climate

Around Texarkana, Texas, wood fences are a great way to create a property boundary that can withstand the sometimes harsh climate in the region. Though it’ll need some upkeep and maintenance to prevent rot and fading, wood fences are a classic, beautiful way to invest in your property. 


Wood fences are a great option for most Texarkana, Texas homes and businesses due to their lower cost when compared to other materials such as vinyl or aluminum. Read a little more to find more details.


How Strong are Wood Fences?

There are a few fundamental characteristics that can help you determine if your wood fence will be strong and dependable. For us at Texarkana Fence, these are the most important: 


  1. Wood Fence Posts Installed Properly
    A wood fence is only as strong as its fence posts are made. Similarly, the fence posts are only as strong as how well they are installed. Hiring the best fence contractor in Texarkana, Texas – Like Texarkana Fence – is the best way to assure you’ll have a job done well. For all of our satisfied customers over the years, you can see for yourself the quality work we do time and time again.
  2. Using a High-Quality Wood Fencing Material
    Higher quality companies use higher quality wood fencing material. If you hire a company based on the lowest bid, odds are you’ll get lower quality, less dense wood with lots of weaker points in the imperfections. Quality matters! Wood fences in Texarkana, TX will last much longer and hold up to the weather and elements when the material itself is of a higher caliber.
  3. The Fence Boards Are Fastened Securely
    The wood fence board fasteners also can come in a range of quality and cost in Texarkana, Texas. Similar to what happens with low-budget wood, discount companies skimp on the hardware and you’ll find yourself with a sub-par fence down to the hinges. Make sure you aren’t sacrificing the quality of your fence by saving a few bucks for installation. Fence pickets and rails must be secured with the proper exterior-grade hardware if you want a wood fence that will last.


To answer the question, “How strong are wood fences?”…we have to say it depends!  If you hired Texarkana Fence to do the job, we can boldly say, “YES!” If not, it’s hard to say for sure.

Most Popular Styles of Wood Fences in Texarkana Described

Wood fences are so versatile, they can be designed and cut into many shapes and sizes. Some of the most common styles you may see around the Texarkana, Texas area are in this list below:


Cap and Trim Wood Fence
Cap and Trim Wood Fence

Cap and Trim Wood Fences

In addition to the pickets, cap and trim fences include a top cap to enclose the pickets, which creates a more finished look than a traditional wood privacy fence. Pickets are centered on the fence post, so the post can be seen from both sides of the fence. Fences of this style are more expensive than a standard wooden privacy fence, but they add curb appeal and are more durable.


Post and Rail Wood Fence
Post and Rail Wood Fence

Post and Rail Wood Fences

For most Texarkana area properties, post and rail fences are a very affordable option in wood fencing. If you’re looking to create a strong property barrier line, this may be the right choice for you! Traditionally, this style of fencing has been most often used for livestock and farmland, though it can add a nice aesthetic to many kinds of properties.


Shadowbox Wood Fence
Shadowbox Wood Fence

Shadowbox Wood Fences

Because of its more refined appearance, this wood fence type is a particular preference for Texarkana residents. Shadowbox style wood fencing produces an equally eye-catching appearance on the inside and the outside of the fence while still offering complete privacy. 


Privacy (Stockade) Wood Fence
Privacy Wood Fence

Standard Privacy (Stockade) Wood Fences

Most likely, this is the sort of wood fence most people envision when they think of privacy fencing. On the interior, the classic wood privacy fence has three horizontal rails that are visible to the property owner’s side. The exterior is a little more attractive with a finished look. It would be hard to drive down a street in Texarkana, Texas without seeing many of these styles of fencing around.


For More About Wood Fences in Texarkana, Texas 

If you’d like more information and to see photographs of fences we’ve installed over the years, take some time to visit our Wood Fence page on our website. You’ll quickly see why we’re confident in our work and dedication to help you complete the fence you’ve been waiting for.

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