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Sometimes referred to as diamond mesh because of it's zig-zag diamond-shaped steel pattern, chain link is one of the most trusted traditional types of fence that works well for both residential and commercial properties. The characteristic pattern made of galvanized or PVC coated steel is made by vertical wires bent to hook with it's diagonally crossed wire forming a continuous hook at each intersection forming a diamond-shaped space between each connection till it forms a full fence panel.

Homeowners and business owners alike in the Texarkana, Texas area choose chain link to create strong, reliable barriers that protect their property.

Is chain link right for you? Let's explore the variety of recommendations we have to help you decide.

Chain Link Fence Options

These are the most popular chain link fencing options used by property owners across the Texarkana, Texas region.

Galvanized Chain Link Fencing

Traditional Galvanized Chain Link Fencing

When most people picture chain link fences, traditional galvanized is most often what they imagine. Texarkana Fence galvanized chain link fences can be the least expensive option of all fences, though it does depend on the grade and needs of your specific requests. Make all the comparisons you need before deciding what is most important to you and your home or business.

Requiring very minimal care, galvanized chain link can also last on average 20 years and comes with our lifetime workmanship warranty. For strength and functionality, a galvanized chain link is a great choice.

PVC Coated Chain Link Fencing

PVC Coated Chain Link Fencing

Most commonly available in black and green, sometimes brown by special order, PVC coated fencing has become more popular over the years. At Texarkana Fence, we recommend this fencing style for the safety and security of your property. Coated chain link is even a great choice to help give your property value a boost! Our company prides itself on installing fences that last, and choosing coated chain link adds that extra layer to ensure your investment will be well worth it in the years to come.

Slatted Chain Link Fencing

Privacy Chain Link Fencing

This option from Texarkana Fence gives chain link the ability to act as a privacy fence simply by adding color slats through the steel mesh. A chain link fence is installed like usual, and the colored slats are easily inserted into each column of mesh to provide additional privacy and coverage for homes and businesses. Note that a fence made with these slats costs a bit more, but it will also nearly double the labor and the specs of the fence. Why? Mainly because adding slats creates a need to withstand the extra wind pressure it has to handle.

On top of all of the other benefits, visually, a slatted chain link is more appealing in many cases and when this is a priority for your Texarkana, Texas property, landing on this style is a smart choice.


Texarkana Fence offers great Do-it-Yourself chain link fence kits

Wanting a new fence but ready to tackle the job yourself? Texarkana Fence offers great Do-it-Yourself kits for just such a job! Before you head to any box stores and start from scratch with lower quality materials, give us a call at (903) 306-1358 and find out how we can help make your life a little easier with our all-inclusive chain link fence installation kits and instructions.

Whether you're building a fence for your own home or you're a landscaper helping out a customer, our courteous staff will be glad to help you with your project from the starting design to a finished project.

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Chain link fencing is a tried and true style of dependable fence that creates a practical, low maintenance and lower cost option for any residential or commercial property.

Chain link can work in any area, and Texarkana, Texas is no different.

Yes! Chain link is a strong, appropriate style of fencing for pools in and around Texarkana, Texas. Normally, chain link fencing for pools uses a smaller mesh around 1” rather than the standard 2” - 2 ¼” for other properties.

Other options include PVC coating with a few color options as well as privacy slats to create a visually appealing style as well.

There are always fluctuations in pricing for various types of fencing, but when it comes to comparisons, chain link fencing is on the lower-priced end of most other fencing materials.

In Texarkana, Texas there is no requirement for fencing permits when installing any fence up to 8 feet tall. No matter what, Texarkana Fence handles the details of any permit you may need if your town or area requires it. With or without a permit, fences must always conform to all height and set back regulations.

Chain Link Fence FAQs

Here's the "dirt" on your chain link fence options.

chain link fence faqs

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