Wood Fences

Many Texarkana Texas property owners choose wood fencing for its versatility of design, great price point and multi-use functionality.

Looking for a beautiful, well-priced way to boost your property security and value? Look no further than a strong, wooden fence. Besides the strength they have, the privacy they can give and the variety of styles available, wood fences also can match nearly any style home or property and can be painted or stained a wide range of colors you may not be able to find in other types of fencing materials. With just a little personal care, wooden fences can last many years and can even be adjusted to match any color schemes you update at your property. Wood fences are great for privacy purposes, creating sound barriers and around pools or to fence in pets.

When you purchase a Wood fence from Texarkana Fence, you can choose the height, color and style to complete the look and also choose what type of wood is used to best compliment the rest of your property.

wood fencing in Texarkana Texas

Key Benefits of Wood Fencing

Wood fencing is so versatile! Choosing this type of fencing gives you the ability to customize your look more than any other fence material available.

Wood Fence Benefit - Afforbaility

Wood Fences are Affordable

Wood fences are among the most affordable fencing options available to homeowners in Texas.

Wood Fence Benefit - Strength

Wood Fences are Strong

Wood comes in many types which all have different strengths, but all wooden fences can be some of the strongest fences around. They can handle practically anything you can throw at them!

Wood Fence Benefit - Beautiful

Wood Fences are Attractive

Whether you like a bright pop of color or the look of stain, wooden fences offer an incredible array of styles and options that look great and match what you need.

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Property owners in the greater Texarkana Texas region can get an instant quote on your Wood fence in less than 5 minutes!

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  1. Fast - Simply type in the address to your property. You will instantly see a satellite view of your yard and your neighborhood. You can easily darw your fence. Don't worry about being precise. It doesn't matter. This is just for rough estimating purposes. You would have to be way "off" to make a significant difference in the price.
  2. Up-To-Date - Our fence quote tool has current pricing for Wood fence in Texarkana, Texas - so your quote should be accurate enough to give you a solid idea how much this fence may cost you.
  3. Customizable - Many Texarkana, Texas area residents enjoy our instant fence quote tool because you can try different configurations and different fence types - to see what options might be best for you BEFORE ever talking to one of our fence experts.
  4. Easy - Once you have completed the configuration of your Wood fence (or any type of fence), our fence experts will have a great start to helping you finalize your design. Making the entire fence design process faster, easier, and more convenient!
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When it comes to fence options in Texas and the areas surrounding Texarkana, wood fences are a perfect fit!

With their versatile designs, classic look that can match any property and environmentally friendly material, you can't go wrong with a wood fence for your home or business.

Wood fences can come in all types. Depending on what you are looking to spend and the style you desire, wood fencing is most often built from pressure-treated pine or Japanese cedar. In some special order cases, when it is available, we also use Western red cedar.

As is true of all types, fence prices can fluctuate based on material, size, design and other factors. Wood fencing as a rule is one of the best priced types of fencing available.

They do! We know that buying a fence for your property is a big investment. That's why we take pride in every job we do and offer our best lifetime workmanship warranty.

In Texarkana, Texas there is no requirement for fencing permits when installing any fence up to 8 feet tall. No matter what, Texarkana Fence handles the details of any permit you may need if your town or area requires it. With or without a permit, fences must always conform to all height and set back regulations so be sure to be aware of the property line and what your local zoning office requires.

Wood Fence FAQs

Here's the "dirt" on your wood fence options.

wood fence faqs

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