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Aluminum Fencing

Strong, customizable and virtually maintenance-free are all features you'll get when you choose to install decorative aluminum fencing.

The range of benefits aluminum fencing offers with the unmatched engineering it provides makes it a great choice for any home or business. Alongside the quality of the product, having a fence with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty as well as a full workmanship warranty from Texarkana Fence, you'll find it hard to beat the peace of mind you can walk away with. Features like a reinforced webbed rail and maintenance-free powder coating set this type of fencing apart from the others.

Explore all of the styles and options of our aluminum fencing to see if aluminum fencing is right for your Texarkana, Texas property.

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The short answer is, Yes! Aluminum fences are a great choice for Texas homes and businesses. The look you can achieve coupled with the strength and longevity make aluminum fencing a prime option here.

Aluminum fencing stands up to harsh weather throughout the year in Texarkana, Texas, and because they don't fade or rust or rot and they require little to no maintenance other than a little water from the hose to remove loose dirt and debris from time to time.

Yes to both! Texarkana Fence is fully insured as well as an AFA Certified Fence Contractor and certified as an Automated Gate Operator Installer and Automated Gate Systems Designer. We are proud to be a member of the AFA as well as the Texas Fence Association.

Not only does our aluminum fencing come with a warranty from the manufacturer on the product itself, but we directly offer our lifetime workmanship warranty with every install. You can be sure we take pride in every fence installation we complete, and we believe your satisfaction and safety are important to us.

Generally, costs for aluminum fencing are often higher than other types, however, due to its long-lasting, maintenance-free finish and durability, aluminum fencing will cost less over its lifetime than most other types of fencing material.

When determining total cost, always factor in the climate of Texarkana, Texas and the surrounding area as other materials, such as wood, may not hold up as well, costing more in upkeep and maintenance over the life of your fence.

Another factor that impacts cost is the value an aluminum fence can add to your Texarkana, Texas home, helping raise the property resale possibilities.

In Texarkana, Texas there is no requirement for fencing permits when installing any fence up to 8 feet tall. No matter what, Texarkana Fence handles the details of any permit you may need if your town or area requires it. We make sure any work we do follows the proper guidelines set by your municipality, so you don't have to sweat the small stuff!

We do! Call our main office line at (903) 306-1358 to discuss your questions and needs with our fence pros and schedule an estimate appointment today!

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