Fences should be constructed to last
longer than one or two years.

So why warranty our work for only a
year or two like the average fence
company in Texarkana?

We asked ourselves, "Why warranty our hard work for only 1 year?" From our earliest
days we have stood behind our work. So why not believe in what we build with proof so
we are offering a warranty that no one can beat. We decided to warranty our
workmanship for the entire life of the fence we build, creating what is truly Texarkana's
greatest installation warranty...
a lifetime installation warranty!
Conditions of Warranty
Texarkana Fence & access Control, LLC. Will warranty any defects in workmanship for the life of the fence. This covers
installation errors only. Fence materials will change appearance, dimension and shape due to the process of aging and
exposure to the elements. Wood fence materials are subject to warping and cracking. Defects to the fence and fence
hardware caused by these natural changes to the material are specifically excluded from this warranty. Also excluded
are vandalism, climbing, vehicular damage, swinging on gates, and normal wear and tear.
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