Texarkana Fence & Access Control
offers a full line of
Commercial and Industrial fence
in several grades, heights and color with or without barbed wire.
We also offer razor wire.
We offer complete and professional installation
we also offer other commercial and Industrial products.
Such as  
Bollard post, indoor fencing and cages, dumpster enclosures
guard rail, hand rails, pedestrian turnstiles and a full line of commercial/Industrial gates up
to and including fully automated cantilever and transporter gates

MAIN OFFICE 870-779-0660
Texarkana Fence is an experienced contractor to the commercial market.  We have installed custom fence applications for hotels, sports venues, School Districts, Local Power
Companies and Railroads and several industrial applications and can tailor a proposal to meet any bid need or RFP requirements. Texarkana Fence understands that last minute
issues are a fact of life in commercial projects.  We are committed to meeting tight deadlines for commercial clients.
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